COVID-19 Update

Updated: October 19, 2020

Thank you for your continued support and willingness to work with Braaten Cabinets! We are here to serve you and your business. As COVID‐19 (Coronavirus) continues to impact our community and daily lives, we want to assure you that we are taking action in our offices to protect and support our clients, our team members and each of their families.

How will we connect with you, our customer?

Connecting with our customers in a safe, effective manner is paramount for Braaten. Appointments can be made in a couple different ways:

  1. Online. Our designers are ready to serve you through video chat, right from the comfort of your own home. We utilize Zoom or Microsoft Teams to conduct video conferencing allowing us to see you and your home, share our screen, and communicate your design desires and needs.
  2. In the Showroom. Our showroom is open and ready to serve you. We are open during business hours, and although appointments are not necessary, the certainly are encouraged. Appointments will ensure that you have a designer ready to spend the necessary time with you to answer questions and guide you through the next step of your project. When visiting our showroom, we simply ask these three things…
    1. Masks. Due to the Mayoral Mask Mandate issued in October 2020, masks are now required as you visit our showroom.
    2. Cleaning your hands. As you arrive, please take a moment and use the provided hand sanitizer to begin our time with clean hands! Also, as needed, please feel free to clean your hands frequently using the provided sanitizer. Interested in soap and water? We have soap and paper towels ready and waiting.
    3. Handling the samples. As you are looking through sample options for your project, please feel free to pick up and handle any items you wish. We do ask that you place them on the counter when completed so we can sanitize them before returning them to their rightful home.

What about projects currently being built?

We are committed to keep your projects moving! Our shop and install teams are still moving full‐time. Although we may see some fluctuations in staffing levels, it is our desire to still accomplish projects in the timelines laid out in our original agreements. We will be in contact with you if anything changes with your specific project. We would ask for some patience. As the future is a little unknown for you, it is for us as well. We continue to monitor both North Dakota and Minnesota workplace recommendations as our crews serve customers in both states.

We recognize this is a challenging time in the world, but you can feel confident that as a company and community we can get through this together.

Thank you for your continued support of this locally owned business. To schedule your appointment, please call 701‐232‐3109 and a designer can assist you.

Darren Rogness
President, Braaten Cabinets