Residential Countertops

Quartz, Granite, Laminate, or Wood. What's your style?

Selecting the right countertop can ultimately tie the entire room together. Braaten Cabinets features a collection of countertop choices with a number of color, texture, and edge designs.


A natural material, granite is resistant to several types of day to day wear, including heat and abrasion. Granite adds strength and permanence with a beautiful design feature.


A man made product, quartz offers the benefit of imitating granite with a large range of colors and patterns. Quartz provides a low maintenance, natural stone look with a durable surface that never needs to be sealed.


Corian is another man made material with a well known reputation for durability. This renewable solid surface is made of an acrylic polymer. When this polymer is heated, it can create a variety of unique shapes, forming to accommodate sinks.


A beautiful way to add warmth to any space, wood is a luxury surface with countless patterns and range of customized species, colors, and finishes. It has been modernized with both long-lasting and water resistant abilities.


A more familiar surface, laminate is made from a process of combining layers of paper resins into a single sheet of semi-ridged plastic. A vast collection of colors and designs make laminate a popular, economical choice.